Software Trends in the Logistic Industry for 2021
Software Trends in the Logistic Industry for 2021

The logistics industry decides the market value of things around the world and has been the most beneficial business in recent years. Due to the high demand, change in lifestyle, and increase in population, the E-Commerce and Supply Chain industry is leading the way with software trends in the logistics industry. However, supply chain and logistics are considered to be the most competing and challenging business across the earth.

Now while thinking back it feels like all those manual works have slowed down the movement of our world till now. Since manual methods are not going to improve the handling of the huge volumes of data, one should have streamlined business flow and come up with unparalleled business policies to suit the contemporary trends. Moreover, one should also learn and leverage new technologies to make this practical.

Recently, many business industries have utilized popular technologies for automation such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Solutions, Data Analytics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, etc. These technologies encourage both small and medium-sized companies to create a useful and sound product with innovative digital solutions for Logistics Industry.

Most of the products are born out of the needs of the customers. Moreover, in this pandemic, the business has bloomed to a greater level with the choice of technologies and expectations. We at Logipulse consider the customer requirements every time we update a new version of the app.

Major trends that we think could lead the year 2021:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Algorithms based on the data obtained from the earlier processes. With automation, we can overcome human errors and bring a quick lift to the market.

By adopting Artificial Intelligence we can experience more visibility, better business automation, reduced errors, and a considerable difference in profit growth.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and human intelligence together can make the process hands free. Many jobs can be done amazingly fast with improved flexibility, end-to-end consumer assistance, and greater reliability.

More Advanced Data Analytics

The only way to get a clear idea of the success of any business is through the analysis of data for analysis and this data would, in most cases be enormous, which would make managing and storing the physical data difficult…The only viable solution would be to store the data in a digitalised form.

With Data Analytics logistics can get to understand the busy and peak seasons, optimize the course by avoiding busy routes in shipping, easier employee administration, and know the requirements and be ready for supply shortages ahead. With Logipulse, customers will get analytical KPI’s to have a magnified forecast in their business processes.

Automated Warehouse Management

2020 has highlighted the challenges of providing inventory and supplies while trying to keep the logistics processes intact. And what is still in store for us is unpredictable.

That was the reason why many companies had to grow their warehouse capabilities, automate many operations with software tools, and even robots for supervising the warehouses, and this may continue to grow in the coming years. With companies offering same-day delivery options the stress is on to deliver faster without jeopardizing quality. Automated warehouse management assures fast packaging methods and open communication lines within and outside. It also improves trust among clients and other parties involved.

Prediction, Risk Evaluation, and Preparation

In 2020 we learned that anything could happen. Certain happenings are impossible to prevent, but there is the technology that can help you evaluate and analyze the possible risks that may exist in your supply and logistics processes, and based on that, make arrangements to face those modifications.

Prediction, risk evaluation, and preparation already existed at all times matching the requirements of each era, but now efforts must be strengthened more effectively. staying equipped for the forthcomings is important in the supply chain industry. AI-enabled devices and systems help logistics companies to do so.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is remodelling different industries including Logistics. With Blockchain Technology, the industry can protect and manage all documents with the maximum security. Though this is thought of as a puzzling concept to the people, it can make the process fully productive. Blockchain consists of an open ledger of transactions with full transparency. Therefore, no one can whack the system which also eliminates the intermission of third-party. For an industry with processes spread around the world adopting blockchain technology will be a huge leap.

IoT (The Internet of Things)

To make the process digital is quite simple, the Internet of Things plays a major role. IoT is already in common people's lives these days. More than 25% of Logistics are using Machine to Machine Technology where More than 45% have planned to deploy in the future. While adopting IoT, more than 45% of them assume it can render a huge impact.

When IoT is implemented in the Logistics Industry it can take care of the devices and employee monitoring, enhance transit visibility and connect automatically to other related segments of the organization. This technology connects with things and securing the digital process a simpler one.

The Digitization of Logistics operations can be considered as one of the fast-growing and latest trends in the transportation and logistics industry. In this year 2021, it is expected to see a lot of improvements in the Logistics industry. A triumphant organization is one that meets the customer’s criteria with a robust solution. Logipulse can surely be your partner to face everything that is about to come in your supply chain journey.

Software Trends in the Logistic Industry for 2021
Mon Dec 13 2021
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Software Trends in the Logistic Industry for 2021
Mon Dec 13 2021
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Logistics Solutions

Logistics is nothing more than the vision of how you will get your goods from one place to another. Logistics solutions assist in the management of that entire logistics process. A good logistics software will help you keep track of and manage your shipments, visibility as well as keep you updated on the financial health of your company.

Logipulse has all this and more. A one-stop logistics management software, Logipulse has many features that would enhance operational efficiency, productivity and scalability while enabling a better experience and value for money making it the ideal logistics management software in the market.

Our Logistics Management Solutions

Logipulse offers a range of logistics solutions apart from freight forwarding. Also featured are 3PL and Warehousing, NVOCC, Movers and Relocation and Customs Clearance. A truly one-stop destination for everything you would need in logistics management software.

Freight Forwarding Solutions

With Logipulse logistics management software, you can exchange information across in-house personnel, clients and suppliers in real-time and manage all your logistics operations from a single system.

3PL Solutions

Logipulse software solution for 3PL and warehousing includes all the options you need to process warehouse operations from start to finish, and automatically generate invoices and transfer data to accounting.

NVOCC Solutions

Our logistics management software aids in booking, keeping track and managing your containers from home port to destination port. Keeping a track of your financials is also easier with our logistics software.

Customs Clearance Solutions

Our logistics solutions for the customs clearance feature allow you to filter or search by specific fields. In addition easy attachment of documents, adding on charges which would auto integrate with the finance module makes this module an easy stop destination for all your customs clearance requirements.

Movers & Relocation Software

Logipulse facilitates paperless operations which automate and integrate multiple functions, from the survey, packing, shipping, billing, accounting, vendor management and storage, into one well-organized platform. Our logistics software facilitates all this and more…

Major Features of Logipulse Logistics Solutions

Logipulse is an end-to-end logistics management software with superior technology. Our logistics solutions are aimed at simplifying everyday operations in all aspects of freight forwarding. Our standout features are our multi-language interface, multi-location, multi-currency finance module and customised report engine and Data Analytical KPI Dashboard which would save time usually spent on customising reports from your service provider.

Another unique feature is the availability of our logistics software over different platforms such as Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, as well as PDA and Scanning devices, making working on the move easy and accessible.

Benefits of Logistics Solutions for Businesses

The benefits of a good logistics management software are hassle-free operations, good warehouse and inventory control, freight management and finances under one platform. All these improve performance, productivity and efficiency as well as keep costs under control which make for a better customer experience.

What Makes Logipulse Unique?

Logipulse is a good and wholesome logistics solution that will tide over the constantly fast-changing demands of the industry. Featuring many unique tools that have been designed after 10 years of research and understanding the nuances of the market to build a logistics software that will last for the next 5 years.


What is a logistics management system?

A logistics management system is a combination of software tools that optimise logistics processes from pickup to delivery. A good logistics software would include key factors of operations, inventory control, transportation of freight, tracking and finance.

What is the importance of logistics software?

Timely and accurate information and conveying this information are essential and vital in logistics. Logipulse, a good logistics management software, enables better visibility, decision making, and productivity and reduces costs.

What are the major activities involved in logistics systems?

A good logistics solution would oversee the proper management of shipment booking processing, warehouse management, handling and transportation of cargo, inventory control and last-mile & delivery.

How is Logipulse different from other freight forwarding software?

Logipulse is a cloud-hosted SaaS logistics software, an end-to-end solution for logistics companies, with superior technology aimed at small to medium freight forwarders.

Is the logistics system available in multiple languages?

Logipulse is the only SaaS-based logistics software that supports multiple languages – you can switch between languages easily. Keeping in mind that most logistics operations often are across several borders, our logistics management software makes it easier to liaise between branches across the globe.

What do logistics systems provide?

A good logistics management software will include management of import and export freight, warehouse management and inventory control, freight carrier management and managing third-party logistics service providers.