Real-time Alerts: Transforming the Supply Chain
Real-time Alerts: Transforming the Supply Chain

Supply chain management is a complex premise, with multiple stakeholders involved in the activity. The era of the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenging time even for the best logistic service providers. Disruption of supply chains impacted many businesses around the world. Those relying on manual monitoring have been the most affected ones.

That is when the transportation companies and logistic supply providers seriously thought about integrating digital technologies. We, Logipulse, have already been pursuing AI-based systems that function on IoT. Hence, we could continue the supply chain consistently, without any ambiguities or flaws.

Agile decision-making and instant corrective measures, ensured by real-time visibility of the supply chain, made us the most reliable service provider. One of the early ones to integrate automated technologies, we maintained a real-time info-sharing system and alerts. Course corrections were instituted to identify the problems, thus preventing any delays or supply chain disruptions.

How do Real-Time Alerts Function?

Real-time alerts use the Internet of Things (IoT) empowered by exclusively designed algorithms. This would initiate instant alerts on the shipment reaching a specific hub or during the commencement of the move. It will provide data on all the requisite aspects. Thereby helping the logistics companies as well as the consignee for warehouse management, scheduling the further movement of the cargo, etc.

Logistics companies would be using custom-designed freight forwarding software that suits their objective. The interface would offer easy-to-navigate tabs. The consignee can enquire about the real-time whereabouts of the shipment. Further, the real-time alerts would reach their smartphones when the cargo reaches specific hubs or while it is on the way to the final destination. The alert would include the current distance to the warehouse, the mode of transportation, the expected time of delivery etc.

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What are the Benefits of Real-Time Alerts in a Supply Chain?

Real-time alerts are a vital part of the supply chain. The system enables the client to monitor the movement and confirm the delivery schedule. It would be intimate regarding the probable delays, which would be useful for the consignee to take required measures.

Transparent Shipping Services – Earlier the consignee had to rely on the info from the shipping service provider. The delays in sharing of data used to cause ambiguities regarding the cargo movement and the schedule of delivery. Real-time alerts have eliminated all such issues. Everything is transparent and the client can have a clear view of the movement of logistics.

Preclude Delays of Shipment – Customers would be waiting for the shipment to reach. To start distribution or for delivering it to the end customer. Delay in the shipment would affect their credibility and impact the business performance. Real-time alerts are pivotal in precluding delays in shipment. The consignee can undertake actions in case of any delays. It would help them in maintaining their credibility intact.

Real-time Info Available to All – All the data is entered in a single database. The highly secured online platform would be visible to all the stakeholders, including the consignee. This would offer real-time info without any delays to all those involved.

Prevent Theft/ Loss During Shipping – Loss during transit had been a common issue earlier. At times, theft also caused panic and loss of valuable cargo. Real-time tracking enabled by digital means helped in eradicating this issue remarkably. Each product is secured with a barcode, QR code or similar digital means. The shipping company and the associated firms can track the exact position of a specific cargo with this.

Improves Productivity and Reduces Shipping Time – Data analytics and insights aid in the evaluation of cargo movement. These calculations can be used for identifying better transportation routes and the reasons behind unwarranted delays. The identified causes can be resolved to improve productivity and reduce the shipment time.

Automated Info Sharing – Alerts can be set to automatic mode. Therefore, human involvement will not be required for sending out the status of the shipment. It may cause confusion if a manual entry is required whenever a cargo reaches a specific port or accomplishes a milestone. Automated AI-powered info sharing is helpful in sending out alerts to all the stakeholders.

Efficient Shipping Method – A formulated shipping process can offer efficient shipment of cargo. The digitally powered shipping means would quickly pick the shipping channel, the best route, and other associated things as and when you enter the data. Manual entry may not be required. This would reduce the time required for calculation of shipping methods, selection of shipping channels etc. In effect, the client will receive the best service.

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Logipulse – The Best Logistics Service Provider

Logipulse has been exploring advanced digital technologies for years. We have been putting concerted efforts to provide the best service to our clients. Real-time alerts empowered by the digital revolution have been one of the unique features of Logipulse.

Our professionals pursue the best shipment processes using AI-based digital technology. That is how we became the most trusted logistic support provider and shipping company. To hire us for shipping and logistic support, you may contact us now.

Real-time Alerts: Transforming the Supply Chain
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Real-time Alerts: Transforming the Supply Chain
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Logistics Solutions

Logistics is nothing more than the vision of how you will get your goods from one place to another. Logistics solutions assist in the management of that entire logistics process. A good logistics software will help you keep track of and manage your shipments, visibility as well as keep you updated on the financial health of your company.

Logipulse has all this and more. A one-stop logistics management software, Logipulse has many features that would enhance operational efficiency, productivity and scalability while enabling a better experience and value for money making it the ideal logistics management software in the market.

Our Logistics Management Solutions

Logipulse offers a range of logistics solutions apart from freight forwarding. Also featured are 3PL and Warehousing, NVOCC, Movers and Relocation and Customs Clearance. A truly one-stop destination for everything you would need in logistics management software.

Freight Forwarding Solutions

With Logipulse logistics management software, you can exchange information across in-house personnel, clients and suppliers in real-time and manage all your logistics operations from a single system.

3PL Solutions

Logipulse software solution for 3PL and warehousing includes all the options you need to process warehouse operations from start to finish, and automatically generate invoices and transfer data to accounting.

NVOCC Solutions

Our logistics management software aids in booking, keeping track and managing your containers from home port to destination port. Keeping a track of your financials is also easier with our logistics software.

Customs Clearance Solutions

Our logistics solutions for the customs clearance feature allow you to filter or search by specific fields. In addition easy attachment of documents, adding on charges which would auto integrate with the finance module makes this module an easy stop destination for all your customs clearance requirements.

Movers & Relocation Software

Logipulse facilitates paperless operations which automate and integrate multiple functions, from the survey, packing, shipping, billing, accounting, vendor management and storage, into one well-organized platform. Our logistics software facilitates all this and more…

Major Features of Logipulse Logistics Solutions

Logipulse is an end-to-end logistics management software with superior technology. Our logistics solutions are aimed at simplifying everyday operations in all aspects of freight forwarding. Our standout features are our multi-language interface, multi-location, multi-currency finance module and customised report engine and Data Analytical KPI Dashboard which would save time usually spent on customising reports from your service provider.

Another unique feature is the availability of our logistics software over different platforms such as Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, as well as PDA and Scanning devices, making working on the move easy and accessible.

Benefits of Logistics Solutions for Businesses

The benefits of a good logistics management software are hassle-free operations, good warehouse and inventory control, freight management and finances under one platform. All these improve performance, productivity and efficiency as well as keep costs under control which make for a better customer experience.

What Makes Logipulse Unique?

Logipulse is a good and wholesome logistics solution that will tide over the constantly fast-changing demands of the industry. Featuring many unique tools that have been designed after 10 years of research and understanding the nuances of the market to build a logistics software that will last for the next 5 years.


What is a logistics management system?

A logistics management system is a combination of software tools that optimise logistics processes from pickup to delivery. A good logistics software would include key factors of operations, inventory control, transportation of freight, tracking and finance.

What is the importance of logistics software?

Timely and accurate information and conveying this information are essential and vital in logistics. Logipulse, a good logistics management software, enables better visibility, decision making, and productivity and reduces costs.

What are the major activities involved in logistics systems?

A good logistics solution would oversee the proper management of shipment booking processing, warehouse management, handling and transportation of cargo, inventory control and last-mile & delivery.

How is Logipulse different from other freight forwarding software?

Logipulse is a cloud-hosted SaaS logistics software, an end-to-end solution for logistics companies, with superior technology aimed at small to medium freight forwarders.

Is the logistics system available in multiple languages?

Logipulse is the only SaaS-based logistics software that supports multiple languages – you can switch between languages easily. Keeping in mind that most logistics operations often are across several borders, our logistics management software makes it easier to liaise between branches across the globe.

What do logistics systems provide?

A good logistics management software will include management of import and export freight, warehouse management and inventory control, freight carrier management and managing third-party logistics service providers.